Scoring and Evaluation Criteria

I3DL Exams and Certification are designed in a way to clearly describe the qualitative skills of candidates according to specific criteria.


Here is an overview of Methods Used for Scoring and Evaluation Criteria in I3DL™ Certifications.

Scoring and Evaluation Criteria


  • Theoretical Score
  • Experimental Score
  • ICT Score
  • Innovation Score


The Scoring system is simply based on Percentage. So, if you are able to answer 60% of the questions or you have done 60% of the assignment, then your score is simply 60/100.

Theoretical Score

Theoretical Score is based on the following Criteria

  • Basic Theoretical Knowledge
  • Understanding of the Concepts and Methods
  • Knowing the State of the Art; Latest Info

Experimental Score

Experimental Score is based on these Criteria:

  • Ability to deliver experimental assignments
  • Measurement Skills
  • Fabrication Skills
  • Practical Problem Solving
  • Assembly and maintenance skills


ICT Score

ICT or Software Score is related to these Criteria

  • 3D Tech Software Skills
  • Internet and Search Skills
  • CAD and Design Skills
  • DB and ICT Skills

Innovation Score

Innovation Score is evaluated by

  • Uniqueness and creativity of ideas
  • Market and Business Awareness
  • Multidisciplinary Mindset

Other Scores and Criteria

Further Criteria and Scores are applicable for specific Audience Groups, and specific Modules.

  • Academic Score
  • Research and Development Score

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