I3DL™ – International 3D Printing Driving Licence is the first and only comprehensive certifying program on 3D Technologies, i.e. 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, 3D Modeling, Computer Aided Engineering and related technologies.


I3DL™ is totally compatible with the concept of 3rd Generation University. Major elements of this concept includes

I3DL ™ Programs consist of over 400 training hours, organized in 12 basic Modules, and further Professional Modules.


Your Portal to all I3DL™ Training Modules and latest course Syllabus

I3DL™ Certification Level are: Basic Level, Core Level, Essential Level, Advance Level and Certified Trainer Level.

"I3DL - a very impressive and a great initiative. To be able to have a driving license as a proof of skills and competences in 3D-printing opens the boarders between member states and gives individuals a great opportunity to present I3DL as an important part of their CV."
Kenneth OE Sundin
Kenneth OE Sundin
Member of the Swedish National ICT Advisory board and Partner in ROTENA project, Former member of the ESCO ICT reference group

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