I3DL Funding

The I3DL provides funding for a broad range of Events, Workshop and Projects covering areas such as:

  • 3D Tech for Regional & Urban Development

  • 3D Tech for Employment & Social Inclusion

  • 3D Tech for Academic Research & Development

  • 3D Tech for Innovation

  • 3D Tech for Career Development and Talent Management

  • 3D Tech for Humanitarian Aid.

I3DL supports up to

80% Fund


3D Printing Workshops

I3DL Hosts from Developing Countries are eligible to apply.


I3DL Workshop

Mobility Fund


I3DL Certified Trainers

Visiting I3DL Hosts in Developing Countries.


Support for

I3DL Key Note Speech


International Conferences

and Workshops and Events available to Public


Support for

I3DL Key Note Speech


International Conferences

Workshops and Events available to Public


If your budget for organizing a 3D Printing Event, is already partially funded by a public institutes, such as

UNIDO, UN, EU, Erasmus

Program, NSF, or any national or regional fund, you have high change of getting proportional Funding or financial support from I3DL for organizing I3DL events, or

integrating I3DL

into your event.

How to Apply

The I3DL proposals will be evaluated individually as they arrive and ranked after the next intermediate or final closure date. One of our expert will contact you for further discussions.
In your preliminary request, you should include:
– A cover letter,
– An introduction of yourself and your institute/company
– A description of your plans, including I3DL Modules you are interested to host.
– Your available resources, including hardware, software, knowledge, skills
– Your finance plan, budget available to you
– Justification for the funding you are applying for.
– Your organization including Time table
– Your marketing plan.
Please submit your application as Email to info@i3dl.org