Become an Accredited I3DL Trainer

Who are I3DL Certified Trainers?


I3DL Certified Trainers are trainers specifically trained and accredited to run I3DL Events, I3DL Workshops and I3DL Exams. They can also offer various kind of 3D Tech Technology Consulting Services.


I3DL Trainers have the full capacity to train 3D Printing experts, who can push the technology forward, and create jobs for themselves and their societies.

How to become an I3DL Trainer?

For this you have to pass at least 12 Modules (I3DL Exams) from all offered modules, plus additional 2 Didactic Modules for Teaching techniques in the framework of 3rd Generation University style, so you can perfectly integrate research, development, innovation and entrepreneurship in teaching.

How fast I can become an I3DL Trainer?


Let’s assume you have zero knowledge in 3D Printing.

Theoretically, you can start now and you will reach the I3DL Certified Trainer level within approximately 3 to 6 months of full time training. Of course if you have the required resources and if you have the willingness and motivation to reach these qualities.

Already a 3D Expert?

If you have already all the required knowledge and experience in 3D Printing, then become an I3DL is easier for you.

You do not need to attend I3DL Courses. You just need to do the required exams, and submit your record of experiences for accreditation. This includes submission of your previous records, and proof/reports of projects you have done.


The Accreditation Process, including individual or collective exams, can be relatively quick, so you can usually expect the results within 2 weeks.


Application Procedure


If you have already the required knowledge and you are confident that you have all the requirements, then you should apply and get an individual I3DL Certified Trainer License.


You should submit the following documents 

  • Your CV/Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Details of your Experiences and projects done,
  • Application Processing Fee


Attention: You should separately justify your experiences and details of your projects done, for every requested Module, according to the content of the modules.

Please pay attention that I3DL Exams and Evaluation are based on these Criteria: Theoretical Score, Experimental Score, ICT Score, and Innovation Score

Once you submit your Application, an I3DL staff will contact you to organize online Conference or Meeting in one of the event locations.

Fees and Funding

Application Processing Fee: 120 EUR (One Time)

Module Exam + Certification Fee : 120 EUR / Module

I3DL Certified Trainer License: 2500 EUR (for Standard I3DL Trainer License; 2 Years)



Applicants from Developing Countries and Low Income Countries are eligible to apply for up to

60% Funding

of the I3DL Application and license Fees. If interested, you should submit your future plans and intentions to offer at least 50% of your services in Developing Countries / Low Income Countries.