M4: Innovative materials and filaments for 3D printing

I3DL™ Module 4: Innovative materials and filaments for 3D printing


At a glance

Whether you are a jewelry designer, Architect, Sculptor or a digital Artist, you know how the 3D Technology is pushing forward into various areas. In this module, artists, craftsmen and designers learn how to enhance their portfolio, through the use of the 3D printers to create creative 3D Designs. They can also use 3D printing techniques to create custom tools for further integration in their creation technique.

The Module also includes multiple videos, live demonstrations and hands-on workshops on 3D Printers.

Structure and Duration

20 Learning Units, including

  • 8 Learning Units (Lecture, Seminar)
  • 12 Units (Offline Learning, E-Learning, Exercises, Homework and Project)


Content and Syllabus

M4.1: Materials in 3D Printing: State of the Art

M4.2: Material Selection tools and techniques

M4.3: Thermo-mechanical properties of standard for 3D printing materials

M4.4: Washable materials and application examples

M4.5: Mechanical properties: 3D material with variable hardness and flexibility

M4.6: Optical properties: transparency, optical fiber

M4.7: Decorative materials, brick, wood, etc.

M4.8: Composite Materials: Overview, technology and Applications

M4.9: Fabrication technology of the new custom made materials


M4.10: 3D printing practice

Who should attend?

Module 1 is the introductory course on 3D Printing. It is a Must-Have for all 3D Printing Users, Professional and trainers.


Technical Perquisites:

  • general knowledge of working with computer and internet (Optional)
  • Basic level of understanding English (B1; Optional)
  • Module 1 and 2

Target groups

  • Companies and Professionals who want to adopt 3D Tech and related know-how
  • Tech Makers, Jewelry makers, Designers and Artists
  • Owners of 3D Printers who want to optimize their 3D print results
  • Consumers who plan to purchase a 3D printer, and require acquisition and decision making supports
  • Academic researchers who want to equip their lab facilities with custom parts, tools and systems
  • Start-up Entrepreneurs, Trainers and graduates are looking for the new profession and attractive career options
  • Trainees and students who have already completed computer / computer training, and seed specialization
  • University Professors, Teachers, Instructors, Technology Trainers, and Lab Technicians
  • Those interested in a Professional Certification on 3D Printing

Registration Fee

This Module is offered online and in multiple countries, coordinated by accredited I3DL Organizers.

Registration fees ranging from 120 EUR to 980 EUR, depending on the Location and the number of workshop participants.

For latest information about I3DL Courses in your region, please contact us.


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